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Opportunities for you
• Performs analysis and study all aspects of the domain will be shaped through the system and decide (among others) the objectives to be attained using the system;
• Design and generate specifications for software;
• Write and implement software;
• Test the realized generating test data and documentation made;
• Maintain existing programs by making minor changes as are required;
• Solve problems related to computer;
• Offer / sets the stages and deadlines for the execution of programs;
• Responsible for achievement within and quality of the works;
• Responsible for privacy;
• You need to know updates and apply them in the field;
• Make proposals software research and development objectives;
• Any other specific task informatics;

• Minimum one year experience
• connoisseur of English
• seriousness
• professionalism
• Good communication skills and teamwork
• Individual responsibility
• meet deadlines
• Solid knowledge of PHP, MySQL, XML, XHTML, CSS, .NET, ActionScript (Flash), Joomla, Java, basic knowledge of Linux operating system.

• relaxed schedule, we will start working after 0900;
• Working in a young and dynamic team purview;
• Attractive salary benefits.

To apply for job waiting resume to the address